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A.M., I really like retro manga when I have the time to fully give it my attention. I think because the aesthetics and conventions are so different, I can’t appreciate it without letting myself get fully immersed in it. I tend to like old stuff, I always want to check out the ‘original’ or influential stuff, but I still have lots to get. I read A,A’ a long time ago when it first came out in English but I can’t remember much about it ^_^;; I think I was too immature to really get it, haha.
I think as of now my favourite retro manga is Rose of Versailles, though I have to admit I’ve only watched the anime (I have the first two bunko but haven’t finished them yet.) But OMG, the feels!!! I even love the late 70’s/early 80’s OP, it’s so stylized.

And NoNane, I recently got a PSVita too. I wasn’t ecstatic about having to dedicate a memory card to a region, but I think it’s still much better than the 3DS which I think is totally region-locked (boo!)