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A M. Funk

After spending the summer without, I made it back to the land of television back in November. And have been so busy since then that I haven’t been watching much. I have caught a few mini-marathons in front of the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum and the History Channel’s How the States Got Their Shapes because I am a professional nerd, haha. (No, seriously.)

I’ve been reading a lot of Moto Hagio lately. I finally, finally, finally got my hands on a copy of A, A’. Ugh. Well worth the wait. I didn’t have time to devour it all at once, and between starting it and turning the final page, it was the only thing I could think about. Love her work. Anyone else a fan of retro manga? I’ve been following a a “Vintage Manga” tumblr for a a few months now (http://fehyesvintagemanga.tumblr.com/) and everytime they post, I feel the itch to dig out my older series.