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CourtneyLunn, the Hunger Games books are quite good. They’re really psychological thriller/horror/survival novels in my opinion. I do NOT recommend reading all 3 in a short span of time. I did…it was nerve wracking. I almost didn’t go see the movie because I still remember how mentally worn out I was after reading the books. They’re very powerful emotionally which I greatly respect. Writing wise they’re rather raw, stream of consciousness from Katniss’s point of view. Think “Walking Dead” but no zombies per say. If you’ve seen Attack on Titan, it’s about that level of constant “AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHH” level stuff.

Speaking of Walking Dead, I stopped watching it this season, partly because I was watching AoT and couldn’t take more “AHHH AHHH AHHH” style shows. I wanted to write stuff kind of along that vein because I find it fascinating how it can touch such a primal cord in readers, BUT it’s incredibly wearing. So, I’m trying to put more uplifting albeit bizarre themes in my writing as of late, if only to lift myself up a bit. There’s still twinges of horror though, because I’m a monster that likes hurting her characters.