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I’ve currently been watching a lot of cartoons again like Steven Universe and rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender. I had been on an oldschool stuff track, with Bill Nye and Hey Arnold! a couple weeks back. I tried getting into Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, but I guess they’re not for me. I have been watching Dr Who off and on and I’m SO behind, haha. I’m still on the 10th Doctor.

I’m really enjoying Steven Universe though. It’s about a kid named Steven whose part of a group called the Crystal Gems (whom the rest are female), who save their little town from different monster attacks. It’s really cute and the characters are so well thought out for how short the stories are. Steven hasn’t realized his powers yet, and is treated like a little brother by the other ladies. But it’s so sweet, and the intro is catchy as hell, haha.

I just finished playing the newest Phoenix Wright game and it was everything I wanted :) The characters, and writing are just too perfect. I’ve also been playing Viewtiful Joe since a couple friends recommended it to me. It’s a REALLY hard game ^^;

I’ve never read the books/watched the movies of the Hunger Games series, are they any good?