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Lianne Sentar

NoNane, the PS Vita should pay you for that post! *lol*

Serene, Otomen is AWESOME. Such a simple premise, yet endlessly entertaining (and compelling!). That series has a really wide crossover audience, from what I understand, because playing with gender in a pretty sanitized, good-natured way makes everyone smile.

Sgl, you’re one of the people who’s always made me REALLY want to check out Chihayafuru. That’s on Crunchyroll, right? It sounds awesome.

TRIPLE HIGH-FIVES to anyone who mentioned Skip Beat. That series kicks ass, even when it goes on insane side rambles. Ren Tsuruga is one of the most interesting shoujo heroes of all time, because that dude is LAYERS OF CRAZY. Kyoko is crazy, and it’s all on the surface. Ren is like an onion – you can just unwrap crazy to find more, delightfully hidden crazy. And as a couple, they’re so batshit that I laugh just thinking about it. THEY SHOULD MAKE BABIES. Yoshiki Nakamura is a rare type of mad genius, and you should check out her really, really awesome series before Skip Beat: Tokyo Crazy Paradise.

I watched Attack on Titan and Free! this summer, like a good female otaku. Titan took a while to get good, but when it did, damn.