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Catching Fire for the book fans probably was a tough movie (as things changed) but compared to the adaptation of the Hobbit for its second round, I thought it was still an entertaining film. (I really did not like the Hobbit as an adaptation as it felt just padded with randomly movie-type things that seemed more theme park oriented and toy-oriented than anything.)

Admittedly my reading has dropped a lot. I find it hard to commit to books when writing one. I tend to go for things that I can watch quickly or read in one short sitting more as a reward/distraction . And I definitely avoid a lot of fandom activities related to these things because fandom takes time and while it may be rewarding to get a bump of viewers/watchers/followers from those efforts, I can’t keep up with the pace that fandom likes (i.e., almost daily posting).

This year I actually spent a lot of time looking at anime again. Aside from faithfully watching Space Brothers, I obsessed over Chihayafuru (looooove this) and enjoyed watching a bunch of different kinds of anime that were missing the past few years. This includes suspense/noir type shows like Psychopass and Blast of Tempest. That said, I still like slice of life shows (e.g., Non Non Biyori) and vaguely weird mystical shows like Natsume Yujincho, Gingitsune, and Kyousougiga.

TV-wise, I caught up with BBC Sherlock and binged watched Doctor Who, Elementary , and that was pretty much it. I was tempted to watch Downtown Abbey but after hearing how they dealt with the departure of one of the guy characters, decided the writing would piss me off and watch parodies on SNL instead xD.

Gaming: Oh, tried to do the FInal Fantasy thing but knowing the horrible endings I would face, have avoided completing XIII-2. Really am nervous about XIII-3 because it sounds like it’s undone everything in terms of characterization so far of 2 ;_;

Comics: While there’s less manga I”m reading (barely skimming Shonen Jump), I still collect Blue Exorcist, Yotsuba, and Skip Beat. But this year I went hardcore on Tezuka thanks to all the lovely Kickstarters spurring an interest on my part in reading Tezuka. I love his stuff! HE’s so into different genres and he’s just FUNNY (in a weird Asian way) to me. Restarted Marvel X-men comics and then quit in disgust after they all got derailed by a poorly written book-wide event.

Other books: I collected way too many anime art books this year. IT’s embarrassing and vexing since my shelves are now busting with oversized books. The weird thing is that sometimes I don’t even really know what it is. For example I picked up Hakuoki Urakata stuff because I still maintain a website for Bakamatsu related stuff(http://red-bird.org/meiji2/anime/), some Uta no Prince-sama stuff, and several too many issues of PASH!

I just played one otome game as an Android app. I love the entire concept of otome games but because most are on PSPs, have never touched them until they appeared on the smartphone/Tablet market. I can’t recall what it was, but I think it was a VOltage game about arranged marriage. It was really too slow for me (i.e., I wanted to play it in speed mode) so I couldn’t quite muster enthusiasm to continue with all the various storylines.

I still want to do my own someday with an alternate universe drawn from my original works… I’m interested to see how the shifty look folks handle it.