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Reply To: User introductions!

Lianne Sentar

Ha ha, I love how Capo makes this sound like a ShoujoHolics Anonymous meeting. Very accurate for some of us!

We’re really happy to see so many artists and writers as part of the Sparkler community, and we hope that means you’re pitching to us during open submissions, too! (I definitely recognized people from Twitter in the submissions pile.) We want this to be a place where people come to absorb cool media and hopefully find inspiration to make/perfect their own. And we know posting on forums can be nerve-wracking, even though as per our forum guidelines, we’re trying to keep this place a positive space. The contest is a way to reward people who take the time to come here and gather the courage to post, especially in these early days of the magazine.

I ran that Zenkaikon table, Danny, so I’m sure we’ve met. Nice to see you again!