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Reply To: User introductions!

Lianne Sentar

Phew, trying to catch up in the forums here. (And in case you didn’t hear, we just announced our first forum contest. :D)

Welcome, Serene! I’ve seen you talk about us in the ANN forums and stuff, which is super nice of you. <3

Yeah, localization of Japanese light novels can get pricey, since the translation/editorial is so time-consuming. (Audio editor Rebecca and I both used to localize light novels for TOKYOPOP and, to a lesser extent, DMP.) It's not like creating an original light novel in English is cheaper, since we’re still paying people to write it and artists to illustrate it. *lol* But we get a completely original project in the end, which is what interests us at Sparkler. We love our localized manga, books, audio, and games, but we also want original stuff. Basically, we want more of everything. MOOOOOOOORE.

Welcome to the forums! *respectful business kisses*