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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 5 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Hey, Tacto! Sorry, I fiddled with your thread title and moved it to the top of the forum…we weren’t doing real forum links for TD (just open comments), but I think that’s confusing, so now we’re doing both, and I linked to this thread from the chapter itself.

Glad you liked the new section! Ever since we revealed Kado’s power in Chapter 3, I’ve been really squirmy, since that really wasn’t the whole story…and honestly, we’re just starting to get into poor Kado’s troubles, which run really deep. That gate metaphor has even more meanings, heh. You make a good point about Touya, since Kado’s been really tight-lipped about his time with the guy AND never fully explained what scared the crap out of him in the hospital bathroom. Now that Touya has specifically asked for him, that shit’s gonna hit the fan hard in the next update. SO HARD. I’m actually really excited for next month, because we’re trying to make it as explosive as possible. :D