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Reply To: Reporting website bugs/problems, such as can't access certain pages

Rebecca Scoble

Sorry about that, I dropped this for a little while. I think I figured out what the issue here is, though.

Basically, the edit button is on a timer, and I’m pretty sure this is actually on purpose from the people who designed our forum software. The idea is that if you post something and quickly realize that you screwed up or put in a typo, you can go fix your mistake. But once a post has been up for a while, it can be confusing if someone goes back and changes it, particularly if people have already responded. This is trying to combat the thing where someone loses an argument and then goes back and deletes or changes their posts, leaving the forum an indecipherable mess.

We’re a pretty chill forum, so I don’t really think keeping you guys from being destructive like that is necessary, but I haven’t figured out how to change that option.
Lissa’s too busy to look into this immediately, but I can put it on her list of things to do in the next few weeks. I guess the question is–if this isn’t really a bug so much as a design choice, how much do you guys care? I have no idea whether this is a simple fix that can be changed by unchecking some option I couldn’t find, or an impossible fix that would mean making major changes to the forum software.

As admins, Lianne and I can always edit things for you if there’s an issue, at least while the forum is relatively small. That’s at least a temporary fix.