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Lianne Sentar


Yeah. For most Sparkler series, first chapter and current chapter are free to read (after the 1-week hold for subscribers when it’s first released, ala Crunchyroll), everything else is behind the paywall. Gauntlet and Dire Hearts are like this, too. There are a few exceptions to this:

Tokyo Demons started as a free serial and was partially funded by a Kickstarter, so other than that 1-week hold, it’s always free to read.

-Due to technical complications of restricted streaming audio, the audio series (including Awake) are always free to stream after the 1-week hold.

The good news is the entire paywall is one unit, so you can buy a one-month subscription and it’s all-you-can-read of everything for a month…including Vol 1-2 of Off*Beat, the middle chapters of all series, the subscriber exclusives, the one-shots behind the paywall (which is where Maiden and the Fish is going in January), etc.

Sorry, I know it’s complicated!