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Rebecca Scoble

Thanks, guys! I LOVE reading all your theories! I’m trying really hard to find a way to respond that isn’t too spoilery…I’ll just say that there’s definitely some important stuff in Jamilah’s diaries, but we’re still very much in the setup phase of this story so you’re missing some big pieces of the puzzle.

And I start to like Janelle more too – like her liveliness, very well conveyed by the voice ^__^

I’m really glad you like her! Janelle’s a tricky character to write, and perform, and edit…she’s the kind of person who comes on really strong and takes things too personally sometimes, she yells when she should back off, she gets in fights where she isn’t necessarily in the right–she can be kind of a pain in the ass. But she genuinely cares about people, and most of the problems she has with other crew members come from caring too much or getting too involved too quickly. And she’s a lot of fun at a party…if it was even possible to have an on-ship party…

How does Rosa know it was a woman who killed him?

Keep in mind that Rosa’s an academic (read: nerd)–it’s pretty standard in academic and feminist writing for people to either use the pronoun that they identify with, or to just randomly switch between “he” and “she”, when they’re talking about a hypothetical person whose gender is unknown. Someone more casual probably would’ve used “they,” but Rosa doesn’t put up with that kind of shoddy grammar, dammit!

Seb is so cute, haha. Writing plays and watching artsy movies.

Seb hasn’t gotten to do much yet in the story, but he has a lot more lines in the next few chapters. That one line with the plot summary of the amazing movie he’s getting them to watch (He’s a reincarnation of James Joyce…) took about 20 minutes to get a clean recording of, because Adam (voice of Seb) and I both couldn’t stop laughing every time he tried to explain how great that movie is.

I wonder how big the database of movies is on the ship.

HUGE. The “internet” they use on the ship has to be the knowledge base for the colony for years to come (as far as they know, the only contact they’ll ever get from Earth will come at the extremely slow speed of other colony ships taking the same trip). So it’s the only source of education, history, technology, art, and entertainment they’ll have, at least until things are set up enough that they can start doing new research and creating new art. The film collection is as broad and inclusive as possible, though obviously there are some holes. Seb is in mourning for at least a few low-budget art films that weren’t deemed “important” enough to be archived on the ship, and that now he’ll never get to see again.

Will we ever get to see drawings of them? Or Bassil or Iya?

I don’t have any plans for art featuring any of the side characters. For the purposes of this story, there are only 6 people in the entire world, and anyone left at home or frozen in their pod doesn’t really seem “real,” no matter how beloved they are or how many times their videos get watched. But if anyone ever wants to try drawing them, I 100% approve!

I can show you an exclusive picture of what Jamilah looks like, though: http://sparklermonthly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Janelle_Site.png

Thanks for all the comments, guys!