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To all the voice actors and creators on this project, congrats. This is looking to be one crazy awesome series. I recognize some of the names and the voices on both the cast and the creator lists from following the Tokyo Demons audio serialization, and I am overjoyed to see them joining some new additions to the team of brilliant and awesome people that seem to be gathering extremely fast around here. I would ask Lianne and Rebecca how they were planning on keeping this to only once a month, but I’m fairly certain that, if I did, they would hunt me down and kill me.

There were really only two things that irked me. One was the voice of Persephone, in that she sounds so familiar but I cannot guess her name. Who is she and why am I getting a GLaDOS Jr. vibe off of her?` The other was the scene changes. Mind you, it became obvious very fast after the swap that it had happened. But during the little break, I always wondered if my internet had failed (a common occurrence at my house, I assure you). It would be nice if there was some sort of consistent noise during those so that we the people with unreliable internet don’t accidentally reload the page mid episode.

Really, this looks like its gearing up to be an awesome series, and I hope to stick with it all the way. Way to go guys!