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Rebecca Scoble

So many ASCII dicks. SO MANY. I assume that about 250 years in, some extremely bored software tech recreated one of those massive classical battle paintings in ASCII, and then 100 years after that, someone else found it and replaced every character’s head with a dick.

This stuff goes on outside the code, too–there have been a lot of very bored crew members who want to spend their free time creating something time-consumingly elaborate and detailed–and a lot of frustrated crew members who can’t take their anger out on anything but the walls of the ship. This hasn’t come up in the story yet, but ship graffiti is a big thing, and the same thing always happens–someone saves up their synthetics allotment and spends it all on paint to create this massive mural that fills an entire hallway, but as months go by and it isn’t new anymore (or when the artist pisses someone off), the taggers can’t resist messing with it–someone turns the adorable little girl into a zombie or gives the puppy a ring of blood on its mouth, then two people have an angry sharpie conversation over what used to be a playground full of happy children, and eventually someone writes “FUCK YOU KEVIN” in 3-foot high letters over the whole thing and all that’s left is a little patch of birds and sky that was too high up for anyone to reach easily. 80 years later it’s just a mess of peeling profanity, and some new crew member who never knew the original artist or Kevin decides it would be a great spot for a mural and starts all over again.