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Rebecca Scoble

Ack! I should really chime in here–I did spend the last week recording chapters 3 through 5 of Awake, though, so I feel like I have a pretty good excuse for being antisocial online…right?

Hinelle, also Tranelle as a sort of love-hate thing

I have nothing to say about this that wouldn’t be a massive spoiler…except that I’m extremely honored that you’re shipping our characters! If the characters in Awake are interesting enough to ship, I consider that a really good sign!

What is “Status 444″? I know http uses that for no response errors, but that doesn’t seem to make sense here.

Lianne pretty much covered as much about this as I’m willing to disclose, but I’m assuming that by this time in the future technology will have moved on enough that codes and errors are almost entirely different from our current ones, with a few callbacks to things that were invented in the early days of computers (i.e. now, from their perspective). Plus, this isn’t the normal internet–one software tech at a time, with varying degrees of skill depending on the person, no contact with other computer and AI-savvy people, and way too much time on their collective hands, means that Persephone has a ton of personalized commands and weird quirks of programming that wouldn’t exist on earth computers.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for listening! New chapter goes up in about a week and a half!