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I can’t enter stuff into the spreadsheet, not really part of the street team, but hey here’s a list of stuff:

Geek Girl Con Oct 10-11 2015 Seattle, WA http://geekgirlcon.com/
Sakuracon April 3-5 2015 Seattle, WA http://www.sakuracon.org
Kumoricon Sept 4-7 2015 Vancouver, WA https://www.kumoricon.org
Olympia Comics Fest (no dates picked yet, it’s usually in June and free) I volunteer for this one, and it’s run by the owners of a local comics shop here. What would be absolutely killer would be if someone could guest, but I know none of the staff or artists are even remotely local and the guys are really weird about guest selection. (They have them do signings so prefer someone whose work they carry in the store…) It’s a thought though.