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Wow! The roundtable turned out to be absolutely delightful!
Rebecca Scoble, Annemieke Wade, Jae Jae Lopez, thank you so much for answering my questions! And you even answered the really silly ones! ^^
Listening to it was great fun!

“Travis!” Ha-ha ^__^ Everyone`s favorite line^^

Oh, the process of creating an audio drama seems so magical *__* Making sound effects sounds really fun. Behind-the-scenes details about the sounds were super interesting, thank you for telling us that, Rebecca! I had no idea every character had their own footsteps. It`s so cool!

My favorite part of this podcast was probably when you talked about the epilogue! Some incredible revelations indeed XD *giggles hysterically*

(About Rosa’s wife’s name – every time I heard it, it made me think about the so called Chinese Phoenix, fenghuang. So I like her name a lot.)

I didn’t mean to be creepy/weird when I asked about shipping and the “how” of it, sorry!=^^=’ Thank you for answering that! That was great!

I could totally hear the Janelle/Travis UST in Awake, and I like Travis and Seb together and Janelle and Seb’s friendship, but somehow Travis/Seb/Janelle is a place where my mind never went to before listening to this podcast… but now I think it’s going to be my Awake OT3 *__*

And I couldn’t really see Rosa/Janelle happening before, because, at different points in the canon, both Janelle and Rosa have denied the possibility of it (which, in and of itself, can be viewed as a reason to ship them, really) and because there used to be Rosa/Jamilah and Jimmy Miller was the exception, not the rule (but everything can be different on Persephone, surely), but, yes, this ship has so many interesting implications, and you’ve brought up some amazing ones *___*
There needs to be lots and lots of Rosa/Janelle fanfics! ♥ Yes, yes, yes, please!
I doubt I will ever write any, though, but I think I will make some fan art *__*

This was fantastic! Thank you!