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@CourtneyLunn Thanks! This is the fourth I’ve done and they get increasingly more complicated :). I’ve done a few custom beanies too but I like unicorns better. Munnies… haven’t done them yet but I’ve given blank ones away to coworkers to play with.

: This is a blank Tokidoki sold in boxes. These are bigger than the regular ones you buy blind. They give you three or four sharpies to play with but in my case, I went out and bought other sharpies from the office supply store and then used them in combination with other pens (or pencils). The rest of the stuff are random flowers or beads that I buy at a craft store and glue on.

I don’t have anything in mind save “I want her to be sassy, or French” or something odd like that. In this case, she was a mate to a really crabby silver guy (who has been trying to break up another unicorn pair this past year) and I needed her to be different than the other three. So I made her flirty :D

Started another picture too but making slow progress. Mostly features my OC making a derpy face as he fondles his pregnant wife’s belly. Ha! I amuse myself.