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Reply To: For Peace (short story)


I can’t believe it has been so long and I am so behind on Sparkler’s awesomness.. TT__TT
BUT!!! I wish I could send you cookies (I won’t, I’m a sucky cook) to express my excitement about the stories you support. I had loved “Dinner Ditz” and became Alexis’ fan ever since, but this story is even better.. I don’t even know where to start.. It ooses feelings in every panel, in every look the characters give each other.. The setting of Bebe being a truck driver is just amazing (not only because trucks are hard to draw, but b/c it is a real job, a hard one and seeing it in a comic story just makes the story feel even more real and true). The storytelling, the art, the theme, everything comes together so beautifully.. and seriously.. how on Earth do you come with such cute names, Alexis?? XD (Lillian, I will snicker every time I meet you from now on, thinking of Lillie :D :D )

Wonderful work – so looking forward to ch 2 and 3!