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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 2, Part 1 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Ha ha, I’m happy to have you during serialization, Olivia. <3 You're always posting in various threads of the Sparkler forum and it's wonderful.

In terms of importance to the series, Touya ranks right below Ayase and Jo, so it was finally time to give him his own extended perspective. He's such a horrible person that I don't expect people to sympathize with him, but eh. He's an abused teen like the other kids and has his own (awful) ways of coping, which I think is fun, because I like exploring things that are horrible! :D (In case you can't tell from this series and its perpetual misery.)

Nakajima's gonna take center stage these next few chapters, because she's piiiiiissed.