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Lianne Sentar

@caporushes – Pachi (one of our biggest Sparkler supporters) is huge into dolls! You might like her Tumblr, especially if you’re into BJD: http://princesspachi.co.vu/

– DMing is literally one of the most creative things you can do, ha ha! Two games at once? Good lord! How many PCs do you have playing?!

I lost most of my hobbies when I started Tokyo Demons 3 years ago (no time for much of anything else), but I was big into jewelry-making when I was a kid, so I picked it up again to do charms for some of our merch (like the keychains, or bookmark tassels: http://sparklermonthly.com/shop/bookmark/bookmarks-tokyo-demons/). It’s really simple stuff, but it’s a stress-reliever, and sometimes I buy extra supplies and turn them into necklaces and earrings for friends and family. A few of my friends are BIG-TIME crafters, so this gives us something to talk shop about. We’re almost ready to have the pieces for the Gauntlet bracelets manufactured, and I can’t wait to put those together!