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I’m reading Summer & Bird by Katherine Catmull. It’s kind of a YA fantasy mystery thing, a random pick from a public book fair. I’m only a few chapters in, but I love the writing style. It’s kind of sparse and full of mystery. The last chapter I read really made me want to write something. A small passage:

The Puppeteer was full of dead birds.
We call her the Puppeteer, but birds call her the Bird Eater, or the Mask. They fear her. She was a dancer and a puppeteer – not in Down, in Up, the real world, as you might think of it. She made bird puppets to use in her dances, tiny, delicate things in brilliant colors. Your eye made a trail behind them, a smear of ruby or cerulean in the air like a long tail, because you couldn’t bear to let the lovely color go.

Video game wise I’m alternating between Smash Bros. and Bravely Default. I won’t spoil Bravely Default, but if you’ve played it, I just started Chapter 6. Let’s hope third time’s the charm…