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Cheers, Serene! Was hoping to reach a bit of both of that, so wahey~ :D For Elizabeth, she could have been a really interesting study in an extremely localized haunting, huh? Everett would have had a field day interviewing her for the details. I don’t think she would have lasted long even if they’d manage to get her alive, though. I thought a lot about mental health while writing this (depression, schizophrenia, etc.) and that spiral downward has a terrible, terrible pull that rarely releases its hold once you get that far along.

Ending-wise, I’m glad you liked that. I’m with you on tidy, but open-ish conclusions. I like to think the characters I’ve followed have a future even when I close the book. And there are so many more adventures they could go on…

Olivia – Thanks so much for reading it! I did try to tie off all the story bits, but in the end it’s very much a slice of life (dead life?) and we only got bits of Gabriella and Everett through Cailen’s boozy goggles. It is kind of like a pilot episode in some ways, huh? If I get a chance for another go with these guys, I definitely have more to say on the ins and outs of ‘the Tank’ Gabriella and ‘Scooby/Velma’ Everett. There’s also a much wider scope to all this that I have percolating in the back of my mind. So many more terrible adventures… mwahaha. ^_^