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From five-pm

The way Robbie (and Rosa) did it is like what they did to Jamilah all over again. It might be hypocritical if Hina complained about not being asked first, given what she did for her fiancé, but Robbie himself is upset that no one ever asked him if he wanted to go to Tau Ceti Prime so it’s not like he doesn’t understand that she probably would have liked for them to have asked for her opinion/consent. But it’s in character and understandable that they did not discuss it and, of course, this way it`s more interesting – with the intrigue kept until the very end – and more powerful an ending.

I agree that it seems a bit hypocritical, but definitely in character for Robbie. But since Hina fought so hard to get Basil’s years transferred I can’t imagine Rosa would have let another transfer go by easily. They must have had an “off air” discussion where Hina agreed, because they wouldn’t be able to get Hina back to her pod without her being… awake. B)