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SPOILER WARNING: 4th paragraph from the bottom probably contains a slight spoiler for Jen Lee Quick one shot Hungry (http://wulfmune.deviantart.com/gallery/38591645/Hungry)

So… it’s Sheep versus Cattle. The Sheep Wars with a mystical twist! *_* Cool.

When a staggering figure appeared in the background just as the Native American was speaking about how the skinwalkers “move stiffly”, I was about to get as terrified as Nate’s sons – the younger one is cute as hell, by the way! ♥ – thinking that the body count in this story was about to go way up (not that it is not high as it is with 8 bodies in the cold open/chapter 1 and a cow and who knows how many wolves and sheep dead in this chapter), but it turned out to be Morgan, who seems… benevolent.

So many things going on at the same time. So many questions. The hat Morgan is wearing seems very similar to the one that was “passed around” in the previous chapter (I really love the witty punny chapter titles in this story! ♥). At first I thought Morgan was looking for her hat from the last chapter and that the being wearing the hat, the one that walked away at the end of chapter 1, is the skinwalker they were talking about. But… we don`t really know yet just how the two chapters relate to each other in regards to time, did the events of chapter 1 happen before the events of chapter two? Maybe not. But assuming that they did… it really looks like it might be the same hat. Is Morgan actually the skinwalker from the previous chapter? 0_O Her eyes certainly could be described as unnatural…
And the wolves. The wolves are not just wolves, are they? And Nate seems to know it… (I suspect that the Native American is a werewolf. But I don`t think he and his tribesmen slayed the sheep. They died because of the “it” from the tear, the something Morgan was looking for…)
Anyway, all this is just me speculating out loud. There is still almost a whole month ahead before the next chapter to wonder and come up with crazy theories… I missed doing that since the end of Off*beat ^_^ So exciting!

Mm… I really loved all the (almost) textless pages in the previous chapter and in this one too: when Morgan`s special vision was introduced and when we saw the tear… I like textless comic pages in general and these ones are particularly cool ^_^
Oh! But my favourite image in this whole chapter is Nate chewing the liver in the second panel of page 13! Really ^_^

The way Morgan’s arms transform… it looks so unusual and bizarre… I love it! Remembering the one shot story “Hungry” (!)um? possible SPOILER WARNING?(!) I probably know some of future the transformations to expect, but I wonder what other kinds of transformations there will be in this story. They are so cool *___* I’m really looking forward to seeing more!

Have I mentioned that I really really love Morgan’s character design? When I saw Morgan in the preview illustration and on the cover I was not at all sure whether she was male or female. I really like the androgynous look. Her figure is quite boyish, flat-chested and angular. I wonder if she often gets mistaken for a man (Nate’s younger son has mistaken her for a boy, hasn’t he? Then I thought the older son did, too, but it turned out he was just skeptical about the applicability of the term “lady”, I giggled when I read that^^) . Not that that’s what I like about the way she looks the most (the part I like the most is probably the curls^^), I like everything put together.

About the end of the chapter: Mr. McDonnel (I assume that’s who he is) seems to think Morgan killed his sheep. I’m not really worried about him hurting her and vice versa. But what if Morgan can’t protect them from the something from the tear? What if they prevent her from closing the tear and it would be to late to… something something? That’s something I’m going to worry about for the next month, yes.

*reading Jen Lee Quick’s reply earlier* I didn’t know that about the word “dude”. Now I understand Nate’s comment better.