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Hi there!

Thanks so much for reading! I’m very excited to be jumping right into the story after the introductory first chapter. I hope it’s not too disorientating! The pacing is definitely different than Off*beat!

Glad you are looking forward to the next chapter! There will be answers…and more questions to come! I have reference to various mythological creatures from different tribes but they are loosely based. Much how more iconic monsters like vampires and such are quite varied in interpretation.

Wonder1440- I hope you get to understand Morgan more as you read, but your first impression is what I had hoped for. ^^ I researched a bit of slang and expressions here and there ( ex. “Dudes” was used to refer to city guys unfamiliar with the frontier though it’s lost most of this meaning today) However, it’s more important for it to read naturally and easily than for it to be historically accurate, as it’s not a historical fiction by any means and is purely entertainment XD