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In short: I really really loved this story! It was amazing =^__^= Everybody who worked on it, you rock!

Elaborating (though, not very coherently, I’m afraid): I haven’t been listening to Awake before, but I`ve been curious and yesterday I decided to finally check it out and I started listening and just couldn’t tear myself away from it till I listened to all 10 chapters in one go, it was so engaging. I’m so glad that the final chapter was released today or I might have gone mad wondering what happens next. ^^
But I did have about a day’s time to wonder and think about it before chapter 11, so I saw the year transfer coming but I thought they would at least discuss it… The way Robbie (and Rosa) did it is like what they did to Jamilah all over again. It might be hypocritical if Hina complained about not being asked first, given what she did for her fiancé, but Robbie himself is upset that no one ever asked him if he wanted to go to Tau Ceti Prime so it’s not like he doesn’t understand that she probably would have liked for them to have asked for her opinion/consent. But it’s in character and understandable that they did not discuss it and, of course, this way it`s more interesting – with the intrigue kept until the very end – and more powerful an ending.
Anyway, I really loved Awake, loved all the characters, they are all so alive and real, really loved all the illustrations, the colors are amazing, everyone`s voice acting is really cool and all the sounds are great, loved all the suspense and how the plot lines eventually came together; and the ending is absolutely beautiful ♥
Thank you so much for creating this audio drama and bringing it to us!