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It was a mistake to listen to this in public, haha.

I was pretty sure I could keep my composure, but maybe 10 minutes after the chapter finished I just kept thinking about it more and more and I sure lost it a little ^^;

I feel like it hit me a little harder since my boyfriend voices Robbie, and I wanted him to be happy the most (I’m a little bias, but I love everyone!). All the characters grew so much, and I love the friendly interactions at the end while having breakfast. There was clearly a huge weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders.

I’ve never truly fangirled about something as much as I have with Awake. I have drawn stupid little doodles over work notes, I’ve hypothesized scenarios and settings, I’ve even commissioned someone to make me Robbie and Hina plushies for me!

Thanks to the whole Sparkler team for this amazing series. I’ve truly, TRULY enjoyed this.