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I just finished listening.. and it made me cry.. TT__TT
I think this was a perfect ending to a great story.. It just made sense in a very human way and was really very touching..

I want to say a huge “Bravo” to everyone who worked on this – the writers, the voice actors, the artist – it all came together wonderfully from beginning to end. Sometimes stories begin very strongly then start falling apart, sometimes the ending is a big let down, sometimes the beginning is hard to get through – it is such a difficult balance to strike, but you hit it right on the head through the whole run..

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of discovering and following “Awake” – I really hope to hear another story from you ^__^

And I also really loved the illustration for this chapter – Robbie’s expression is just.. perfect..

and now I need to go find some more Kleenexes..