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Reply To: The Ring of Saturn (short story)


Ohhh.. I realized only after a second read and Ruffles’ comments that that last page was a hint/link to something else… It didn’t make sense on the first read so much, but somehow didn’t bother me either, so I guess I just read it and filed away without completely understanding it, but now… hmmm. It looks like from the clothes of these two, the time is well in the past, in which case it makes Raz and his friend if not immortal, but at least beings with strange powers… Gosh, I want to know more!!! XD I kinda wonder if it wasn’t them, on the illustration, with Raz having his beautiful planet coat..?

You guys, this kind of twist is the best – it has a delayed effect that just catches you by surprise later…. It just keeps getting better :D