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Reply To: The Ring of Saturn (short story)


Wow! Thanks so much Raffles and mikeronni! You really picked up on a lot! O_O We are shocked! We won’t say for sure who the person is at the end of epilogue, but wow! You guys really did a deep reading! O_O

I will say, “Saturn” will read really differently after our next project ;)

Raffles: We’re so glad you like Raz! He’s very straight forward when it comes to his emotions (sometimes in a tactless way) but he’s definitely got some mysterious elements to his story (as you could probably tell from the dialogue haha). Resounding effect- we should put that in the back of our book LOL!

Mikeronni: We did want some Romantic elements in the story, but yes the focus of this short is about Miriam’s growth as a musician. We’re so happy you think we captured the emotions behind the songs! :D So glad you listened to the music while reading! We listened to the suite while drawing too! :) Miriam’s main story is concluded in this project, but we’re become quite attached to her so this might not be the last you see of her :D Our next project does relate to other “Saturn” characters though ;)

There are a lot of other great and free projects in the Sparkler sampler! :) I would definitely recomend checking them out! http://sparklermonthly.com/sparkler_issue/sparkler-issue-sampler-year-1/ These stories are surprisingly addicting!

Thanks again! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! ゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚