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That’s funny that you think it’s got a cinematic quality, because my background is actually in Film & Television. When I write I tend to imagine scenes like I am watching them in a movie, but with additional sensory aspects. I’d like to try boarding some of these scenes sometime–it would be good practice, but for now I’d better concentrate on the next few chapters!

Yes, angels can only be killed by each other. I forget whether I said that explicitly or if it was just implied. The whole “Enemy Pairs” thing is how the angels work, with each representing the hope and fear in a conflict.

I’m glad you ship them! Hopefully the payoffs of those ships will be satisfying (I’ll do my best!)

On a side note, I really enjoyed your comic. It was wonderful! It’s really hard to portray music in a medium without sound, but you sell a musical performance in sequential art very skillfully.