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Finally got caught up and daaaaaaanm!! Haven’t commented yet but I have really been enjoying this series! I love the writing style, the attention to detail and the cinematic quality of each scene. I am often surprised by the perceptiveness, the way Demyan’s voice clips in the soundproof room, how the cold worms through clothing– maybe this is just me but it seems like the awareness of sensations and the environment seems to be especially emphasized when it’s in Toi or Demyan’s perspective. Perhaps because they are so aware of their physical forms?

Sometimes I’ll come across a scene and I feel like I’m watching a movie or animation. I would really love to see some of these scenes storyboarded! Like the moment Demyan walks in from the street through the closet. Such a surreal scene! I imagine it almost like Citizen Kane with otherworldly elements.

I’m really intrigued by these angels! I was expecting them to be really powerful beings but they turn to only have a few advantages. I really like this! And I like that the angels’ motivations are not clear cut. They each have their own agenda even though they keep receiving these orders from mysterious higher ups.

On that note, I wonder what the limit of their power is. Demyan survived multiple gunshot wounds but Zophiel (SPOILER) in the previous incarnation, died with a single shot from Solas. Are they not invulnerable to each other even through man made objects?

Anyway, I’ve rambled on far too long. Amazing work! Long story short I’m really looking forward to see what happens next and how these relationships develop. :) I Totally ship both couples!