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Angeline Mauri

Okay, I got up my bravery to check in here…

And lovely, beautiful, precious, wonderful Tacto has left something nice!!! Thank you so much, lovely!

I had so much fun with this script and with Emily, Lianne, and Lillian. I was ‘nigh obsessive with historical research ^^;;;;;
And I had a lot of fun showing the pensive-ness in Toivo (and messing up his hair, too.)

Since this was a quick project for me, too, coming up with the new character designs…I defaulted O’Conner to something like my younger brother (he is my fall back for a generally congenial and handsome young man ^^; Tall, too @_@;) and plopped a 60’s rock star’s hairdo on top. the other fell to a combination of my male cousins with the italian/Spanish backgrounds and how they look with their curly hair and energetic faces<3
(one is serving in the air force, right now, actually. *knock on wood*)

So, I’m saying I’m glad that drawing from my family appearances went over well for these guys, and glad you enjoyed them ^^; I had a bout of stage fright during the creation process, but I’m very relieved it came out well in the end.

Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting!