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Aaaah, so good!

Did anyone notice right at the beginning when Hina was talking to Rosa, that Robbie had 22 unread messages (as far as we know). Then Hina recorded one, and as Hina was leaving the movie room/brig Rosa started recording another, Persephone warns that Robbie STILL had only 22 unread messages.

Which means he listened to Hina’s message, or just hadn’t had time to mark it as unread.

I dunno, I’m glad I caught that ^^

Does anyone think that Robbie is going to hurt everyone? I feel like Persephone is really the bad guy here and Robbie is the scared kid who is the solution to fixing everything.

And could you imagine what Travis’ video message to Robbie was?
“Robbie, uh, we miss you and stuff. Get the hell out and we can…..I dunno, whatever you do for fun.”