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I think Glasslip is losing me. I think the problem I’m having is that unless it’s Anohana (The Flower we saw that Day), most of these weird friend/group animes just can’t hold my interest. I’m not too fond of the trope whereby we throw a random group of friends up on screen and then romantic entanglements/unexpressed feelings surface and the subsequent angst is supposed to carry you along. That only works if it’s got a compelling setup. Dead ghost girl (Anohana) works as did Honey and Clover (mostly because Morita was just so off the wall).

Glasslip is just reminding too much of another PA Works entry last season about people who are essential modern water dwellers (merpeople) . It had beautiful imagery but just felt cranky watching the junior high drama.

Nozaki-kun is just fun. I worry every week it’s going to jump the shark… but this past week in that second arc when Nozaki is pushing that cart and it goes flying off that staircase… man, that was a visual punchline worth waiting for.

Sword Art Online 2 is starting off better than that last arc in season 1. But… I’m wary of where it’ll head. After seeing Log Horizon, I realized that SAO was really lazy about its payoff in books 1/2. LH as an anime is a far better , more disciplined experience.

I really was hoping Samurai Jam-Bakumatsu Rock would be better than it is but I want to burn it with fire. I love Bakumatsu era stuff. But this one is trying too hard and I really hate the character designs for Sakamoto, Takasugi, and Katsura. The Shinsengumi boy band ones are very tame and not very inventive. Sadly Hijikata looks like historical Hijikata and Okita is “vicious pretty.”

I feel obligated to watch it though. But I would rather have the Urakata versions as done by the folks who did Hakuoki Shinsengumi.