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Reply To: Reporting website bugs/problems, such as can't access certain pages


Not sure if this is a bug but while logged in and trying to change membership levels a few odd things happened:
* The confirmation of the switch seemed to go through but the resulting page showed me at the 5.00 level for recurring (monthly).
* I went into paypal to look at what was going on and had both the monthly and the vip showing up.

So manually cancelled the 5 dollar recurring membership and doublechecked that the VIP one is still there. It shows up and seems to have the recurring stuff set up correctly but don’t know the net effect on your side in terms of what you’ll end up seeing in terms of numbers?

Payment type	Amount due each cycle	Total cycles	Remaining cycles	Cycle frequency	Amount sent

Initial Payment	$0.00 USD	--	--	--	$0.00 USD

Trial Period	$15.00 USD	1	0	Monthly	$15.00 USD

Regular Recurring Payment	$10.00 USD	Indefinite	Indefinite	Monthly	$0.00 USD

Total $15.00 USD

thought I’d flag that in case others make that switchover from monthly to “other level.”