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Lianne Sentar

Always good ideas from sgl!

1.) We’ve run various polls with various sections of our audience, with…varying success! :D We’re probably going to do them a lot more in Year 2, though, and like you said – in a more permanent capacity. As for using a Members-specific poll as a way to gauge print – if the Gauntlet Kickstarter is any indication, the regular Sparkler subscribers ARE much more likely to buy print books than people who are new to the site. But there still aren’t enough subscribers for them as a group to sustain big projects yet. :(

2.) I agree that if we do an art book, doing one as a Sparkler collective will probably be more successful, especially if it’s crowdfunded. Also, we have SO much great art and SO many great creators that we want to include as many of them as possible in a project like that.

3.) Yes, we’re starting to consider POD for certain titles. Between you and some of our other Sparkler Distro clients, we’re seeing how much faster and cheaper it is these days than it was even 5 years ago. This industry is changing so rapidly…which is both a blessing and a curse for us. :) But our company was always designed to be flexible around changing technology and fluctuating demand, so we’re always open to other options.