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Some early thoughts (recognizing more discussion might happen once the podcast is out from behind the firewall):

* Would you consider running member-only polls to help shape the next project to come to print — whether an artbook for Off*Beat or one of the finished prose stories? MEmbers who pay the monthly are already slightly invested in the larger concept of “Sparkler Monthly” and if they can /are willing to pay a sub, more likely to kick in for smaller tiers of the various campaigns. [Would you also consider building a more permanent form behind the paywall to catch membership thoughts, such as “What was your favorite story/comic this month? Why?” –> Basically go with the Shonen Jump method.]

* I think an artbook actually might be a good project candidate for Kickstarter. However, I think limiting it to one creator-property is too preemptive and risky. FOr the most part, the artbook projects I’ve seen fund well on Kickstarter are often anthologies. IN this case, featuring art for characters from Sparkler Monthly stories could work — you could draw from your main artists and additional “guest artists” in order to leverage their collective social media power and support the “cause” of Sparkler.

* IN response to some reader requests — would you consider POD for the prose books? Those are a little easier to set up with Createspace and not as cost-prohibitive to get into. (If you have a very good Word source file to start with that makes clean use of headings and styles, your conversion from digital to print for Createspace is not terrible.) It does mean someone who processes files needs to set a few days aside to work on it but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad!