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You’re welcome!
There is a small possibility that your story (if original characters but borrowing/inspired from a fandom setting) could be suitable for AO3 (Archive of our own). I had a conversation once with one of the board (I guess) who said original work wasn’t discouraged although it seemed like it would be hard to find an audience unless it tickled the right “fandom niche.”

I never went back to follow up/try it although I have thought about it.

BTW – I was a Gargoyles fan too, although I admit that I was not always liked because I refused to ship Elisa/Goliath. (I’m a sucker for redemption plotlines so I wanted Demona and Goliath to be endgame >_<. I always seem to ship dark-horse pairings though and don’t mind it — it seems to be the one thing I do consistently and annoyingly well :DDD)

If you’re going to write romance or fantasy, I do recommend Wattpad. I think that’s pretty safe in those genres. Sci-fi less so there but not for a lack of trying. There’s a lot of good authors coming in now (Wattpad has impressive numbers) so I hope it means the audience there will mature!

If you’re looking to connect with other serial authors, I would poke around the Webfiction Guide Forums and possibly starterserials forums (which just opened). I’ve had kind of mixed feelings about Goodreads and the Web SErial group there because a lot of people who show up there throw down a link and run away without ever paying attention to the fact that the web serial group there is all authors, many of whom don’t read other authors.

Jukepop (formerly Jukepop Serials) is another place where you find lots of stories . They only recently changed their whole dynamic to be more “social” so not quite sure if it’s got a good community. (I haven’t been able to stomach their forced log-in to read chapters and the constant Facebook popups… Facebook is really intrusive and tracks you all over the web, so I end up no wanting to engage with Jukepop very much because I don’t trust any site that forces facebook upon you :/ ).

Can’t think of many places you’ll see folks who serialize interfacing well and openly ,though. IT’s all so scattered and niche . That said — you find a lot of authors on twitter. If you haven’t joined — maybe it’s worth lurking?