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Lori Henderson

Right now, my personal writing blog is just for short stories, fanfic and personal observations about writing. I’m still working on plotting my longer serial, which I’d like to get some feedback on or some beta readers at some point before I start writing. I’ve always wondered if my fanfic belongs on fanfiction.net since it isn’t fanfic in the traditional sense. I use the world building, but create all my own characters and stories. I might reference events in canon world, but I don’t generally touch canon characters. I have two rare instances.

When I do get to writing my serial, I will create a site dedicated to it alone. I agree as a reader I don’t want to search through entries to find the updates, so I wouldn’t do that as a writer. I do try to be specific about categories and tags, and sometimes think I get carried away.

I will try the sites you suggest. I’ve wandered around some Google+ groups, but they seemed more about marketing than helping. I tend to fixate on one story at a time anyway, so once I start writing once, I’m loathe to switch to something else unless I have to, so that’s won’t be a problem. What I’m most worried about is keeping a regular schedule once I do start.

I certainly wouldn’t object to any feedback about my site. It is at


Thank you so much for all the advise so far!