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I’ve run into a lot of wordpress.com blogs featuring writing but to be honest, I don’t bother with them much. Save the people who I have a relationship with (i.e., long-time fandom connection or other writing connection), I don’t follow authors but stories. Maybe once I have a strong rapport with that writer after finishing a few of their works I’ll start to “follow the author” but that’s still fairly rare for me.

As a reader, my preference is to not have to pick through various blog entries to read a story. If possible, I think a separate wordpress.com blog or blogspot.com should be used for long epics. That said, if you have to keep to one site and want to mix it up with other things, make sure you have a clear tagging system and an index so I can jump straight to whatever chapter I left off. Whatever you do make sure you have a proper index page and navigation system or you won’t be eligible to list in many directories.

Regarding Project Wonderful — I don’t recommend it much for “a writing blog.” The PW network tends to be full of webcomics and gaming folks.. it’s already an uphill battle to advertise serial fiction via PW … but at least some folks advertise on other fiction sites but usually they advertise a specific story.

You also should participate in communities for readers such as Wattpad, Figment, and all those lookalikes.

I would cross-post chapters in those places. That said, I would focus on finishing stories one at a time. (Some folks update randomly in fanfiction.net skipping from fic to fic and that doesn’t work well in these other environments. It actually can aggravate your readers if they are anxiously waiting for an update to their favorite story. People are more impatient on these sites than on ff.net!) Be aware though that you won’t necessarily see a major bump to your author site off the bat. Those places are designed to “keep you in” to maximize their readership and influence. However, you can put in details like websites and other social medial accounts in profiles. THe people who *really* like your writing and aren’t so lazy will click on over, although in very small percentages.

If you’d like to post your URL for your current blog, I’d be willing to look and see if there’s something more I can advise.