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Lianne Sentar

PW lets you start with a pretty low investment (maybe $10 or $20?) and search publishers by “type/kind,” so you can look up webfiction people, webcomics people, etc. Bigger numbers come from the webcomic sites, but they’re also more expensive, and may not stick around if you don’t have art? But Tokyo Demons (which has a lot of manga-style art) did really well on webcomic sites. PW comes with GREAT data, so you can follow very closely what sites are getting views and clicks. And then set up Google Analytics on your website so you can see how long people are staying when they click from another site…that lets you know which ads bring people who STAY on your site (i.e. actual readers). I think $50 or $100 got us rolling pretty well on PW in the beginning.

I ALWAYS go to sgl when I have webfiction questions (she knows her stuff!), so see her post above yours for advice on what communities to ping.

It’s up to you whether you want to mix original fic with fanfic on your personal site. If your original fiction is one big serial–like Tokyo Demons or Tales of the Big Bad Wolf–it might look weird and/or distracting to have fanfic in there as well, so probably just have a link in your “About” page or something. (That’s more professional, anyway.) But if you had a lot of readers of your fanfic, and you’re expecting big numbers from there, maybe you don’t need to be as coy. :)