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Hey Phoenix –

It’s really hard finding audiences for prose vs. webcomics. If I had to do it over, I would have started my serial on wordpress.com before moving it to my own site (using wordpress.org) because there are readers lurking out at wordpress.com .

But that said — when I started serializing I used Project Wonderful ads on specific sites that I thought had readers who would probably like my stories. (I looked for sites that featured “serials,” “fiction,” and “fantasy.” )

I also posted my story on Wattpad as I thought it was worth trying.

There’s really little cross-over between my website and Wattpad. (I sometimes catch traffic from people coming from my profile in Wattpad but it’s very rare.)

If you have an active fanfiction account you might also link your profile to your work. I haven’t been active in maybe seven years or more but I still get people who click over to my new site from there and my fanworks.

If you have enough installments posted, consider getting listed at Muses Success and Webfiction Guide. It may take weeks to months to get listed though — those directories are all run by volunteers. You may also think about Tuesdayserial.com . (My list of webfic sites is here: http://theonlinenovel.wordpress.com/where-to-read-or-list-serials/)