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I can finally post, haha!
I went on a week vacay as soon as the chapter came out.

And as always, I cannot wait for the next chapter to see how this unfolds! I’m worried the story is going to go all 2001 Space Odyssey.

Oh. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but code green is often used as an emergency code in hospitals. There’s no standard in the United States, but the Wikipedia article lists a few of them. Code green is used as the severe weather warning in a few Florida schools, the code for general evacuation in certain Canadian hospitals, and UnityPoint Health uses code green to indicate the presence of a combative person.

However, I find I am most interested in Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s interpretation of code green. In that hospital, it means “Internal disaster.”

NoNane, I’m really interested in this. I’m thinking it’s either combative person, or internal disaster. Travis did mention Robbie is a big guy. As much as I don’t want to see one of my fav characters go bad, it might go that way :c

For internal disaster that makes sense too. Rosa losing her role as captain, the software tech going missing. And to note no one is doing their job now.

There was more I wanted to talk about but can’t remember atm. Guess I’ll just have to listen to the chapter again :)