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Reply To: The Ring of Saturn (short story)


Yay! Thanks for reading! :) We can’t wait to share more!

We like the idea of a band themed slice of life story too. I (Kate) was in band back in the day as well and that kind of camaraderie is hard to find anywhere else. Especially when you’re a bunch of silly middle school students trying to come together to create beautiful music haha!

We’re glad you picked up on the Emma/Downton Abbey vibe. We did a lot of research before we started and that involved reading and watching a lot of Victorian/Edwardian comics and dramas! We love the way Kaoru Mori emphasizes subtle interactions and movements. We feel like it really brings you into the emotions and the world :) Oh and through our research we found that the Downton Abbey corset is actually inaccurate for that time period, though we never actually show any corsets. But, I suppose it’s good to know haha.

If you ever get the chance We would highly recommend hearing “The Planets” played by a live orchestra, it’s been a huge inspiration for us :) The idea that high school school girls were playing this kind of music during that time is really fascinating! Especially when you consider for women, playing the piano back then was more for entertainment than an artistic endeavor.

Oh dear I’ve rambled long enough! We hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters! :D