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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 2: Finale (Chapter 8, Part 2 Epilogue) discussion

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Pachi —

Sachi-Kado relationship will have its true breakthrough soon


I’m gonna have to listen to that mix and daydream about them later. <strike>It’s not as though I haven’t been doing that on the drive to work or anything.</strike>

In the case of the paperback, I might have to go ahead and order the first one rather than wait and get them together. I can wait a little bit, but I really want to read the Mitsuko and Miki story in there. I adore both of them and the fact that there’s an opportunity to see more of their relationship is delightful.

I’d like to go back and revise some stuff (the first half dragged pretty bad)[…]

It certainly didn’t feel like it dragged! But then again I did read both books in a week and told myself a hundred times “Okay ONE MORE PARAGRAPH and I’m going to bed” so maaaybe I’m not the best judge of that.

I’m really happy that Tokyo Ghosts is planned at all! I don’t read as much as I used to, but I always wanted to see what happened to the characters when they grew up and I rarely got to. Admittedly, sometimes the character’s lives were probably really boring after the end of their adventures, but who cares? Reading about their crappy little office job is at least something!

So yeah, getting to see them as adults is really exciting for me *-*

I strongly suggest you try Tokyo Demons Audio

I was planning too once I was finished listening to the Sparkler podcast (which has been really fun to hear). I’m sure there’s a lot of foreshadowing details that I missed on the first read through, so getting to listen will open up a whooole new world of information and details.

>Magical girl
Welp two of my favorite things I’m gonna have to invest some time in that!

(Apologies if any formatting is messed up! I was trying to keep this organized and also do a strikethrough but I’m not sure whether it worked or not until I hit submit!)