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Holy crap, I didn’t expect what Jamilah had to say! Like okaykarendraw said, I expected her to be dead or admit she killed Naveen.

And Robbie being Jamilah’s kid, I never even thought of that! I still have a suspicion that the baby may be in Naveens pod. Maybe Rosa convinced her to do that, she seemed pretty upset at the door in the video key. Because the baby might have created some tension between Naveen and Jamilah, maybe the death was the end result of a fight? Rosa seemed to care about Jamilah a lot, I could *maybe* see her killing him to protect her and trying to hide it.

And the kiss! I was awwwwing on the bus when I was listening to this! Its one of those couples that you want it to work out because they’re so cute together but one of them in already in a relationship. I’m so torn! Robbie being all cute and asking her for a kiss, he’s like a shy kid talking to his crush <3

I am such a Robbie/Hina shipper.