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Okay, in light of today’s big reveal of the location of the video key, I thought I might share the theory I made back when the video key was originally introduced back in Chapter 3, for no reason whatsoever.

So, my guess is that the video key is in the gym somewhere. As Travis said a little while ago (was it Chapter 6?), Jamilah would have needed to pick a place that was already mentioned in the video diaries up to that point, since none of them were doctored afterwards. Additionally (and this is me talking, not Travis), it doesn’t hurt to put the key in a place that was mentioned frequently. That way a cursory examination of the diaries wouldn’t have yielded anything, while a more knowledgeable one would have yielded the answer by answering a fairly simple question, “What place did Jamilah mention the most often in the videos up until now?”. From what we heard in Chapter 3 of the diaries prior to that fateful entry (there were three), all but the very first entry Jamilah made included some mention of the gym. Additionally, the one immediately after started by saying that Jamilah had “twisted [her] ankle and both wrists” (Chapter 3, 15:09-15:12). Close listening also revealed that Jamilah was confined to a wheelchair for a while after the incident, meaning that she wouldn’t be mentioning going to the gym any more for a while. I personally don’t think that was a coincidence. However, I will admit there is a lot of room for error here. I have a very small amount of information to pick through, and none of the other diary entries that weren’t in Chapter 3 mention the gym as far as I can remember. Still, this is a theory, and I thought it should go up before the Chapter where it’s proven or disproven.

Well, it’s 1AM Alaska Time, so I’m signing off. See you all in a few hours to see how wrong I probably was.