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sgl, I hear you when you talk about how slow mobile otome games can be (especially the free ones, which are very common now). One I liked that I could finish one route in one or two days is Magic Sword – you buy one route for $2-3, and then you can just power through it to the end, no need to recharge energy or anything.

I haven’t even finished FFXIII, the first one! I got to the sidequest field near the end and just stopped. I really am not fond of the idea of changing character’s personalities so I think I may give up on playing FFXIII-2 or 3. It’s why the Alice series sometimes makes me give the side eye >.>;; too, they do that a lot.

I recently bought a 3DS, pretty much just to play Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, eheh. I like the new prosecutor! He reminds me of a cool 90’s goth guy, lol.